The Autobiography of Jeremy Logan

December 17, 2009


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Welcome to my blog. Recently, my wife and I were garage sale cruising. While she looked through a Pepsi Christmas plate collection, I glanced at a box of novels, VHS tapes and CDs. There, alongside an Andy Williams at Vegas tour and an Agatha Christie novel, I saw the largest composition notebook I had ever seen, a full ream of paper, 500 sheets. I also saw on the cover, a super-glued scrap of paper, saying “The Autobiography of Jeremy Logan” and the year 1997. I flipped through the notebook, marvelling at a penmanship just short of caligraphy. Since the masking tape price gave the value of a quarter, for the sum of a man’s life, any man’s, I felt the cost was a bargain, and at the very least I could produce an Air Force of paper planes for my grandson. Part of what I read will be added to this blog as pages. I hope you find it as intriguing as I did.



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Welcome to the first post about the novel, The Autobiography of Jeremy Logan.  After the current sentence, except for the page called “Appendix,” everything is fiction, and note that this is PostOne, so it is not my fault that it appears at the bottom of the Post List.

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